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Tag Cik Pengurus yang berkonsepkan Nombor 4

YOUR NAMES THAT FRIENDS CALL YOU: 1. Am (kengkawan USM, ex-bebudak KMPP Aras 4 C1 dan kuliah F1) 2.Lutfi (orang-orang Durham dari nusantara, Dzul, Shahrill,Fariz dan kengkawan, ex-bebudak KMPP Aras-2 C1) 3. Upi (kawan-kawan SMKM dan sebelumnya, family) 4. Lut (kawan-kawan UK termasuk Andros, John etc) FOUR MOST IMPORTANT DATES IN YOUR LIFE: 1. My […]

I to X Part 3

I to X kembali lagi! Hehe. I I don’t deserve you…. Sigh. Well, I actually find you annoying but I’m minimizing the drama here! II I like you both for totally different reasons. Or perhaps for a similarity which I never noticed before? I’m cursed. I wanna start eating only meat now. III If I […]