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Last Year Prediction

Here is some of my personal tradition that I had been doing for couple of times now. Influenced by a scene of One Tree Hill where Lucas and Haylee opened a prediction they had make years before and make a fun out of it.

Tahun lepas, 28th of Dec 2008, aku buat prediction di sini. Skor prediction 2007 ialah 30%. Skor prediction 2008 ialah 0.81. Tahun ini.

Tahun lepas aku predict:-

- Still doing my PhD, InsyaAllah. YUP
- Had a part-time job. YUP

Hari tu ada part time job sebagai tutor sekejap.

- Still single in the question of single/married. YES

This is probably one simple prediction as not many people get married without any plan 1 year in advanced. But knowing me, I am rather spontaneous so this is a rather valid prediction for me.

- Be more than 60kg. NOPE … sigh

Hari ini, aku 55kg lebih. Sama dengan berat badan waktu 2008. Sigh. Need to do more. Need to do more. I mean ‘eat’.

4. FUN
- Be less fun and annoying

This is a tough one to decide. I mean, judging our ownself does not give us a confirmative answer so I ask 3 random people who is online now (actually wanna ask my sister as well, but her YM is online but she’s not there)

Ina – think fun sebab selalu berjalan.

Kam – Quoting her ‘Level of annoying naik, fun pun naik’ tiada *** sebab taip apa yang dia cakap. Keke

Kak Dijah – think I’m less annoying but quoting that dia tak rapat sangat tahun 2008.

Dengan itu, kenyataan ‘less fun AND annoying’ disanggah. NOPE

As for myself, I think I’m average in fun’ness but probably increase in the level of annoying. Of course lah tidak di mata fangirl sebab diorang tak kena buat air teh when I’m around kan?

- Blogging more? YES

- 2 more new countries for 2009

Is it or, is it not? It was not 2 more since we did the backpacking. New countries I visited this year would be France, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech, Vienna and Spain.

Ceh, so much for the statement ‘I keep thinking that I will go back to Durham this 19th, being the nerd like when I was in KMPP. Staying silently in my room, trying to focus on my study..‘ which I said last year.

So, as the predictions meant for ‘visiting new country’ and not ‘exactly 2 countries’, so I call this one as a YES.

Tahun 2008 – 244 entri untuk blog Pagi Hari di Durham dan Si Tenggang’s Homecoming

Tahun 2009 – 243 entri sehingga entri kali ini. Tapi disebabkan tahun ini belum berakhir dan tambahan projek Rumah No. 54, maka yes, I do blog more!

So score for this year: 5/7 = 71%

*Prediction tahun 2007 dibuat di sini dan keputusannya di sini. 2008 Predictions dibuat oleh kawan-kawan di sini dan keputusannya aku reveal setahun lepas itu di sini

P.S 1: Cik Pengurus, takdelah saya menyentapkan pon kan in love/relationship (as reference to the comment)

P.S 2: Taklah bercadang nak buat next year prediction anytime soon. But if you guys wanna join this, do leave your own prediction :) That would be great and appreciated.

8 Responses to “Last Year Prediction”

  1. Lea says:

    cool la! may i ask u; buat phd apa ye?? btw your journey is quite interesting. and u also have a bunch of wonderful friends there :) keep blogging!

  2. SeMiN says:

    pencapaian yg memberansangkan!…. huhuhuu

  3. cikawin says:

    tak tulis plak prediction balik m’sia brape kali, and berapa kali pulak ‘actually’ balik m’sia in 2009.. hehe
    well, happy new year am. :)

  4. Lutfi Amri says:

    Thanks Lea. I’m doing computer science now.

    Mana ada Rosmin….

    Awin, oh, tak teringat plak nak predict yang tu. Happy new year

  5. Kamilah says:

    Ps. Ejaan “Haylee” is supposed to be Haley!

    OTH fan! :P :P

    Hoho.. but good job.. You quoted me well! hahahah..

    and yes, eat more!!

  6. Lutfi Amri says:

    Takpe, pronounciation betul:D Keke

  7. Achik says:

    dunno why, this prediction pop up in my mind
    “Am akan jemput Achik sebelum Achik jemput Am”
    :) …let see..

  8. Lutfi Amri says:

    Hehe. We’ll see:)

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