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Not too personal

My sister said that I’ve been doing short updates recently. As she noticed how I might be busy which is so true. Got things to do which somehow I can’t tell much about it not because it is a personal matter, but just because of other reason. Anyway, been dragging of telling this as well, also because it is not a personal matter, but because it’s gonna make people giving this kind of reaction

‘Balik lagi?’

Yeah. Nuff said.

AirAsia did some discounted ticket and it seems like wasting a chance for not grabbing it. So here I go. InsyaAllah raya di Malaysia tahun ini. Of course nothing beat Malaysia for raya. So hopefully there’s nothing bad coming in between. My friend Mirza scared me about the H1N1 thingy. It’s another 2 months, so let’s just keep thing subtle for the moment.

Too much planning for this and that which again, not personal things  but somehow I just don’t feel like sharing much.

Don’t worry, you’ll live without it. And dun worry Cik Pengurus, you have already know all about it… I think.

6 Responses to “Not too personal”

  1. alien mulut besar says:

    balik lagi?
    balik lagi?
    balik lagi?

    *mode sakit hati sebab tak balik raya tahun nih*

  2. Lutfi Amri says:

    Ala Kak Dijah, balik la
    AirAsia dari Melbourne pi balik bulan 9 nih baru 394.00 AUD.

    Okey aper

    [Tiba-tiba menjadi duta AirAsia plak]

  3. tra says:

    ko mmg suka balik!

  4. zeah says:

    wah seronoknya balik raya… ~ perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa… kerna hati ku melonjak sama… ingin berjumpa sanak saudara… yang selalu bermain di mata….~

  5. eija says:

    friends nme mirza??
    same as my name..hehe..

  6. WaReMoN says:

    Aku dgr ang kena tahan kt airport dulu, diorg buat medical check, pastu kalau ok diorg issue certificate yg mengatakan ang selamat..rasanya kalau disuspek je la..

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