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Joanna’s Cheesy Tag

Joanna (x-UIAM), USM’s runner during Debat LLM tagged me in her blog. LLM – Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia. ‘Yes, we even had debate for highway issue’, I told Tahir once. It does sounds awkward though. Joanna, cheesy giler tag nih. Tapi, atas semangat profesionalisme orang berblog, I answer it as honest as I can. 1. What […]

Ooh, tough

Ooh, tough. Ego My ego is quite high. Astaghfirullah. Sometimes I wonder, why do I get easily annoyed when people do not follow my rules? I don’t even follow theirs. If this is the cost of getting more matured, it is kinda sucks. Or I just look the other way around as it probably a […]