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That’s nice!

Post ini adalah rentetan dari post sebelum bertajuk Restless 2.

Just when I think that things couldn’t get any worse, I got an email from Gulf Air:-

Gulf Air flight GF 0280 scheduled to depart from Bahrain to Kuala Lumpur at 2025 on Monday 08 Sep will now depart at 2125 on Monday 08 Sep.
We regret any inconvenience.

Baru je beberapa minit lepas aku post tadi.

That’s nice! Now the plane is delayed and my parents are going to arrive in KL by 10.40am, just 5 mins after the supposed KL-Penang flight departed. And with no check-in from Heathrow whatsoever, it certainly doesn’t help.

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  1. Nursyeff@rni says:

    Lutfi.. sabar je la.. Ini semua dugaan. But at least you should be a bit relief that your parents kena handle masalah ni kat M’sia, insyaAllah org2 sana akan membantu. InsyaAllah ada penyelesaian. Jgn lupa berdoa, kan doa org musafir ada kelebihan di bulan Ramadhan nie.. =) Aku doakan everything’s gonna be alright, Amin.. Get a good rest, don’t stressed urself too much. Jgn lupa call dorang nanti n update it here for us.

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