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My 12-th birthday

So, I’m officially 24 years old. It’s kinda feel in between of 18-23 groups – the age where you just discover the world, and 25+ groups – the age where you kinda start taking responsibilities.

For this year, my wishes

I pray for my well behaviour

I pray for hurting other people less

I pray for having a smooth 3 years of my study, and produce an excellent thesis towards the end

I pray for my mom and dad, my family and friends to have a good healthy life

I can still remember my birthday last year. I was doing my dissertation as the dead line was 7th of Sept. No party whatsoever, but I feel fine.


A year before that, I was on the bus to BTN camp, as I had to go through BTN and guess what, it falls on my birthday. I was fine.

2 years before that, I was watching Puteri Gunung Ledang on my own in Bukit Jambul. I kinda hate the story, but it’s okay.

I am getting used to celebrate it on my own, honestly speaking. It is a right time to reflect on my journey as human and see what’s awaiting in the future.

But this year is kinda different. I should say thanks a lot to everyone involved including people who send their greetings; and as mom and dad are here, it is so much special.

We had a birthday iftar at the Bruneians house. My house is small and cannot fit 15 persons. I told them not to get me a birthday present, but well, they don’t want to listen.


It started with a surprise birthday cake. It’s a Nintendo DS birthday cake with New Super Mario Bros game decoration on it. Even the Mario picture is eatable. I was touched. It was so sweet… I mean, the icing. Lol.

And Yasmin kinda acted on – she doesn’t get me any birthday present. And on that time, I was buying it. Honestly, birthday presents are tricky. I hate to choose present for someone else especially for their birthday. It is like trying to hit a bulls eye. I gotta choose a correct one, or otherwise it’s gonna be a turn-down for the day.


But they did hit bulls eye. They came out with quite a lot of presents and I really appreciate every single things I got.

Let’s see what’s first. I got cards, chocolate and chocolate biscuits – calls ‘Sharing’ which meant to be shared:)

Then, a mug of ‘High School Musical 2008′. I was like – I saw this mug in the Disney shop last week, but that’s gonna be ‘too old for me to have it’. But hey, I like it for the fact that I’m a big fan of HSM.

And a Disney box (which stored the HSM mug) and UNO – one of the addictive game I’ve been playing lately. So sweet – and I’m not referring to the cake anymore.

I also get a mug and a file of… er High School Musical with the cast picture on it. It’s Pink! Yes, Mahadi, it is pink and I’m sure not gonna bring it to the department. The files contains some 3-4 pages self-made greetings poster (I don’t even know what should I call it) contains their wishes and our pictures.

Honestly, the most touching gift should be the Lego!


Yeh, I know I’m being a lil bit materialistic here (Damn, I’m so easy to be bought:), but last time I was arguing with Kak Nur about buying Lego. I wanted to buy a Lego. She asked me to but this model (the one in the picture coz it is a nice looking car), but the price is kinda double the price of the other model. So I settled down for the other cheaper one.  But then they get me this very nice 3 in 1 model. Damn, I do look like a ‘so happy kid’ in the picture. But anyway, thanks for the presents. Hope I didn’t left mentioning any gifts that I got.

Er… HSM mug, HSM files, UNO card, chocolates, chocolate biscuits and Lego; I’m so celebrating my 12th birthday instead! (And the Lego box even said that it is for 8-12)


P.S: Zeah, thanks for the one of the best present I have ever get, ‘you losing UNO game’:D Ha ha.

5 in the front from the left: Nurul, Huda, Zatul, Kak Nur and Yasmin
6 at the back: Arni, Zeah, Kak Zila, Putri, my mom and Shaheera
Then you can see me, my dad, Amirul and Andros standing:]

23 Responses to “My 12-th birthday”

  1. Razali says:

    Happy Birthday to U….hehehe…..ayyoooo…celebrate ur birthday kat oversea….. bestnyer…ade mom n daddy plak tuuuu…kim salam kat mak ayah yer

  2. Nursyeff@rni says:

    Glad that you have a wonderful time (It’s not every year you get to celebrate ur bday with friends from Brunei n Singapore n Andros) plus with ur parents here in durham with you and I’m so happy that you like all our gifts.. well it’s not the gifts that counts, it’s the memories – the ultimate uno game especially that will always be remembered (I hope)..

    p/s kalau dh siap lego tu jgn lupa tunjuk kitorang ek =)

    p/p/s pink is adorable what? hehehe

  3. Nursyeff@rni says:

    ohh anyways.. i think u forgot to mention the whittard mug from k.nur,put3 n sya, hamzah plus the cap from huda.. hehe..

  4. Lutfi Amri says:

    Ah yeah.

  5. You Don't know Me says:

    Happy Birthday! It’s kinda a habit 4 me to read ur blog..Dont know why. Must be the way u express ur taught or feeling. Wish u all the best in ur study n life! Take care! May Allah bless u!

  6. iNa says:

    wah..best2..meriah btul celebRation besday boY!!!
    BoY refer to pREsents..ahaks ;p

  7. mahadi says:

    uh boy, i’m hepi to c u growing up from time to time. learn and do new thing and stuff. u might find that sometimes life is difficult. after all u’ll find urself to be ready to become a big boy someday.

  8. Nursyeff@rni says:

    Mahadi – It would’ve been better if u could join us semalam!! We had the loudest, noisiest, most happening, boombastic, fantastic ultimate uno game!! When I say loudest, it’s really LOUD man!! When everyone’s playing uno, it somehow brings out the real you ;oD

    Ohh btw lutfi, enjoy life, and afterall, life starts at 40 for guys, ain’t it? huhu

  9. Faiza says:

    Happy Birthday Amri…semoga pnjg umur,dimurahkan rezeki and success in ur study and life…may Allah swt bless you always….all the best and take care,k….

  10. Pingu Toha says:


    Jeles aku…

    Anyways, CONGRATS cz sempat merasa umur ke-24. Semoga dapat lanjut ke 24 tahun akan datang n 24 tahun yang seterusnya lagi n another 24 tahun… INSYALLAH.

  11. Kak Nur says:

    Happy Birthday!

    May Allah always bless you. Get the hint now who gave you the LEGO? hahahahhahaha

  12. Happy birthday Am! May Allah bless u! And guess what, it’s hard to find LEGO in Malaysia these days but I found one shop at Times Square dedicated for LEGO! And for the umpteenth times, plz change my link to ‘Shahrill Ramli” !

  13. awin says:

    happy birthday n slmt berpuasa~

  14. kak dijah says:

    Am, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry for the late wish. Semoga sukses! Selamat berpuasa juga!

  15. Lael says:

    I came across your site looking for a DS birthday cake for my daughter. I started reading your blog underneath the picture and it was very enlightening. Because of world events I’m afraid I have developed a negative view of Muslims in general instead of just extremists. Reading your story about normal family life, laughter, thoughtfulness, and grown men who like Lego’s made me laugh and realize how under the veils and outward differences are some happy families not much different from my own. As a Christian I hate it when some radical christian extremist goes and blows up an abortion center or something and they make it sound like all Christians are like that. I realize I have been guilty of doing the same thing in my mind to Muslim families. Thanks for the glimpse into your beautiful family…

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